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MDaemon Messaging Server 21.0

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Upgrading to MDaemon 21.0.1

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Below is a list of special considerations and notes that you may need to be aware of when upgrading to MDaemon version 21.0.1 from a previous version.

Version 20.0.3

MDaemon will comment out the line "AlertExceedsMax yes" in ClamAV's clamd.conf file, due to it causing too many "Heuristics.Limits.Exceeded" AV scan failures.

Version 20.0.1

The network resource access settings at Setup | Preferences | Windows Service now configure the MDaemon service (and the Remote Administration and XMPP Server services) to run as the specified account, instead of MDaemon running as SYSTEM and then it running specific processes and threads as that account. The installer will update the services to run as the specified account when updating to this version.

Because of changes to and deprecation of many settings in clamd.conf, the installer will now overwrite existing clamd.conf. If you have customized your clamd.conf you may need to review and make changes to clamd.conf after installation.

Version 20.0.0

Please carefully read the section in the full release notes labeled as task [8930] as it involves changes to the Active Directory integration system and you may find things that were broken in the past now starting to work. Please be aware of all changes made in that area and carefully read that section of the release notes.

MDaemon 20.0 requires Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, or newer.

Preferences » Miscellaneous has two new checkboxes that control whether system generated notification emails periodically sent to the Postmaster alias should also be sent to Global and Domain level administrators. By default, these options are both enabled. Domain administrators are restricted to receiving only those emails which are for their domain and the Release Notes. Global administrators receive everything including the Queue Summary report, Statistics report, Release Notes, 'No Such User' found (for all domains), Disk Error notifications, Account Freeze and Disable notifications for all domains (which, like Domain admins, they can unfreeze and re-enable), warnings about licenses and beta test versions about to expire, Spam Summary reports, and perhaps others as well. If you do not feel it appropriate for your administrators to receive these notifications you must disable these settings.

How autoresponders are stored has changed. The text for an accounts autoresponder is now stored as OOF.MRK files within the account's DATA folder which is a new sub-folder inside the account's root mail folder. Autoresponder script files are no longer kept in the APP folder and they are not shared between accounts. When MDaemon starts for the first time it will migrate all existing autoresponder files and settings to the correct places for every account. The AUTORESP.DAT file is obsolete and will be deleted along with every account specific .RSP file (OutOfOffice.RSP and non-account specific files will remain for reference and sample purposes). If you wish to quickly assign a single autoresponder configuration to multiple accounts you can use the new Publish button found at Account Settings » Autoresponder. This button will copy the existing autoresponder script text and all settings for the current account to other accounts that you select. There is also an Edit autoresponder file button that lets you edit the default autoresponder script (OutOfOffice.rsp). This default is copied into an accounts OOF.MRK if the OOF.MRK is missing or empty.

How account signature files are stored has changed. Signature files are now stored as SIGNATURE.MRK within the account's DATA folder, which is a new subfolder inside the account's root mail folder. When MDaemon starts for the first time it will migrate all existing signature files to the correct places for every account. The root MDaemon Signatures folder will no longer contain account-specific signature files, but it remains in place as it may still contain items needed by MDaemon Remote Administration and the Content Filter. The original Signatures folder was backed up to \Backup\20.0.0\Signatures\ prior to migration. Finally, every account's ADMINNOTES.MRK has been moved from the account's root mail folder to the new DATA subfolder.

Spam Filter » White List (automatic) has had the default value changed to disabled for the option "...only whitelist addresses that authenticate using DKIM". Having this enabled turns out to be a little restrictive for many and prevents address book white listing from working for MultiPOP and DomainPOP mail. Re-enable the setting if this is not to your liking.

The Preferences » UI option to "Center all UI dialogs" has been reset to a default of "enabled" for everybody. If you prefer otherwise you can disable it. This prevents screens from being created partially out of frame, but it can occasionally cause multiple overlapping screens to be harder to select.

Security Manager » Screening » Location Screening - The default for this feature has been changed from disabled to enabled. When Location Screening is enabled the connecting country/region will always be logged (if known) even when the particular country/region is not being actively blocked. So, even if you do not wish to block any country you can still enable Location Screening (without selecting any countries to block) so that country/region can be shown and logged. Since the default setting for this has changed, you should take a look at your Location Screening configuration for correctness. MDaemon will insert the header "X-MDOrigin-Country" that lists the country and region for content filtering or other purposes.

The hard-coded fixed size limit of 2 MB for spam filter scans has been removed. There is now no theoretical limit to the size of a message that can be scanned. It is still possible, however, to configure your own limit in case this is a problem, but using "0" in the option now means no limit. You should review the Spam Filter » Settings screen to make sure this option is set to your desired value.

Added 'Sender Domain' and 'Recipient Domain' columns to the Queues screens in the main UI. As a result of this a one-time reset of saved column widths had to be done. Once you set the column widths to your liking they will be remembered.

By default the Host Screen is now applied to MSA connections. This option is located at: Security Manager » Screening » Host Screen.

By default MDaemon IMAP, WebMail, and ActiveSync servers no longer provide access to the shared folders of disabled accounts. You can change this with a new settings at Server Settings » Public & Shared Folders.

Version 19.5.2

The "Max RSET commands allowed" options on the Server Settings » Servers screen have been removed since they are essentially less flexible duplicates of the same functionality found on the SMTP Screen. The SMTP Screen version is part of the Dynamic Screening system which takes into account more factors (e.g. it has a white list, considers authentication status, etc). Your old values were moved to the SMTP Screen. Please check them to ensure the values there are as you expect. The correct default (and recommended) values for the options are: Block IPs that send this many RSETs set to "20", and Close SMTP session after blocking IP option set to enabled/checked.

Version 19.5.1

The LetsEncrypt functionality has been updated to use ACME v2. This update is required because LetsEncrypt is discontinuing support for ACME v1. PowerShell 5.1 and .Net Framework 4.7.2 are now required in order to use LetsEncrypt.

Version 19.5.0

Some settings, such as the registration keys, have been moved from \MDaemon\App\MDaemon.ini to \MDaemon\LocalData\LocalData.ini. If you need to revert to a previous version of MDaemon, earlier installers will not find the settings at the new locations, and will therefore ask you to enter a registration key. This can be avoided by copying the settings back to MDaemon.ini, or by restoring a backup of MDaemon.ini, first.

Version 19.0.0

MDaemon's Remote Administration (MDRA) web interface has been further expanded to include access to features that formerly could only be administered using a Configuration Session (i.e. MDaemon's application interface), and there are now several options that can only be accessed via MDRA. Consequently, for new MDaemon installations, the "Start MDaemon" Start Menu shortcut will now open a browser to MDaemon Remote Administration by default rather than opening an MDaemon Configuration Session. If you wish to change this, edit \MDaemon\App\MDaemon.ini and set [MDLaunch] OpenConfigSession=Yes/No and OpenRemoteAdmin=Yes/No. Set the Remote Administration URL at Setup » Web & IM Services » Remote Administration » Web Server if the auto-generated URL does not work or if MDRA runs in an external web server. If a working URL cannot be determined, a Configuration Session will be opened instead. Finally, under the Windows Start menu, in the MDaemon program group, there are now shortcuts to Open MDaemon Configuration Session and Open MDaemon Remote Administration.

SyncML has been deprecated and removed.

MDaemon's disk space calculations were being made inconsistently in several places (for example, sometimes using 1000, sometimes using 1024 bytes for a kilobyte computation). This has been fixed to use 1024 consistently. As a result your users' disk space quota values may be slightly different than in previous versions. Please check and make whatever adjustments (if any) you feel are required.

The option, "Only send antivirus update notification on failure" is now enabled by default. When updating to MDaemon 19, this option will be enabled the first time MDaemon is started.

Version 18.5.0

BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) feature integration has been deprecated and removed. The BIS service (if it still exists) will now interact with MDaemon as it would any other SMTP/IMAP server.

Windows Address Book functionality has been deprecated and removed from the Account Settings dialog.

Version 18.0.0

Alt-N Technologies has changed its name to MDaemon Technologies. WorldClient is now MDaemon Webmail, WorldClient Instant Messenger is now MDaemon Instant Messenger, SecurityPlus is now MDaemon Antivirus, and Outlook Connector is now MDaemon Connector.

The MDaemon installer now includes MDaemon AntiVirus and MDaemon Connector, which are now "licensed features" of MDaemon rather than separate products. We are transitioning to having just an MDaemon registration key which has AntiVirus, ActiveSync, and MDaemon Connector enabled or disabled, instead of each having their own registration key.

The From Header Modification feature has changed. It operates as before but the format of the final modified From data has changed from the format: "Email -- Name" to "Name (Email)". This new format is more useable and better for sorting. If you prefer the email address before the name (similar to the old method), there is a new option to allow that.

A past installer reset the SMTP Authentication option, "Authentication is always required when mail is sent from local IPs" to disabled when MDaemon was being upgraded. The installer has been changed to ignore this setting. The option is enabled by default for new installations, but if you are upgrading then you should manually check this option to ensure that it is set to your desired state.

Several settings have had their default values changed. When upgrading an existing installation you should check to be sure the following settings are as desired. The MDaemon SSL & TLS settings, "Enable the dedicated SSL ports..." and "SMTP server requires STARTTLS..." options have had the defaults changed from disabled to enabled. The DMARC Verification setting, "Honor p=reject when DMARC produces a 'FAIL' result" has changed from disabled to enabled. The SPF Verification default setting for "Use local address in SMTP envelope..." has changed from disabled to enabled. The IP Screen default setting for "Apply IP Screen to MSA connections" has changed from disabled to enabled. The Host Screen default setting for "Drop connection after EHLO" has changed from disabled to enabled.

Catalog functionality has been deprecated and removed from the UI.

All Virtru related support has been removed from MDaemon Webmail. Old encrypted messages can still be viewed in the Virtru Secure Reader.

Version 17.5.0

BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) for MDaemon is not compatible with MDaemon 17.5 or newer. There will not be a new version of BES for MDaemon that is compatible. MDaemon's installer will disable BES if it is detected. Uninstall BES to not be prompted about it. Screens about BES have been removed from the MDaemon UI.

Added quarantine exclusion lists to allow password-protected files from or to configured senders and recipients. At Security » AntiVirus, enable "Allow password-protected files in exclusion list..." and click the "Configure Exclusions" button. Note that as of SecurityPlus 5.1.0, the ClamAV Plugin may quarantine password-protected files before the main AV engine can scan them. An option is to disable the ClamAV Plugin.

Version 17.0.0

WorldClient Instant Messenger (WCIM) now uses the XMPP protocol for instant messaging, which is not compatible with the old chat protocol. Users who do not update to the new version will not be able to instant message with users who have updated. Address book synchronization with Outlook has been removed from WCIM.

The option "Enable APOP & CRAM-MD5" found at Server Settings » Servers & Delivery » Servers has changed to disabled by default for security and technical reasons. Using TLS is the preferred way to avoid transmission of passwords in the clear.

The "Global AUTH Password" setting at Security » Sender Authentication » SMTP Authentication has been deprecated and removed.

All settings related to ADSP found at Security » Sender Authentication » DKIM Verification and a single option related to the use of the RS= tag found at Security » Sender Authentication » DKIM Settings have been deprecated and removed.

In-browser WorldClient Instant Messenger (WCIM) has been removed from the LookOut and WorldClient themes due to incompatibility with the new XMPP WCIM server.

The new password option to "Store mailbox passwords using non-reversible encryption" is disabled by default for existing installs, to avoid breaking anything for anyone who depends on incompatible features. However, for security reasons we recommend enabling it if you can.