Email Templates

Use the Email Templates feature to create pre-written common messages, or regularly used blocks of text to insert into messages.

Creating an Email Template

To create an email template:

1. Click Options and then Email Templates.

2.Click New Email Template.

3.Type a Title for your template and a Description. These are for your own reference.

4.Enter the text the you wish to insert into a message when you use this template.

5.Click Add.

Editing an Email Template

To edit an email template:

1.Click Options and then Email Templates.

2.In the Email Templates column, click the name of the template that you wish to edit.

3.Make any desired changes and click Update.

Using an Email Template

To use an email template:

1.Open the Compose or Advanced Compose window.

2.In the text area of the compose window, place the curser where you wish to insert the Email Template's text.

3.Click Templates on the text toolbar above the text area of the message. If you do not see the Templates button then you may need to click the down arrow on the right side of the toolbar in order to see more tools.

4.If you wish to replace all the text in your message with the contents of the Email Template, click the box labeled "Replace actual contents."

5.Click the desired Email Template.