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MDaemon Webmail 21.0 - User Help

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New in MDaemon Webmail 21.0

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MDaemon Webmail 21.0 introduces a number of new features and options:

Mobile Theme Improvements

The Mobile Theme has been greatly expanded and improved with many new features, including:

You can now access the MDaemon Instant Messenger chat features.

Dropbox features.

You can now see if a Note or Task has an attachment from the list view.

When editing a recurring event, you can choose between editing an occurrence and editing the series, and you can choose between deleting an occurrence and deleting a series.

There are now saved search folders.

You can save searches from the advanced search dialog.

Options to create a New Event, New Task, or New Note from a message.

The Event editor now includes a Scheduling Assistant.

Auto complete functionality for attendees, distribution lists (name field), and folder share users.

A Check Attachments feature.

The resend message feature.

The Group By Company feature added to the contact picker.

Added keyboard shortcuts.

You can now view Mailbox Quota status in the View Options dropdown.

Added the create All Unread and All Flagged saved search prompts.

Support for message threading.

Support for opening attachments in the browser, in addition to the download option.

You can now drag list items to folders for move or copy actions.

Added right-click context menu to list views.

Made some visual refinements to the swipe right to delete feature.

You can now swipe left to toggle read/unread for the message list feature.

There are additional dialog options for Contacts and Calendar folders in Options » Folders.

Anniversary and Birthday calendar events can be added for a contact directly from the contact edit page.

Added a contact's picture to the contact list.

The Settings pages now contain informational text for your reference.

There is now a flag icon next to the subject line in the message view, which you can use to flag/mark a message.

The new Use Auto-formatted Date option, located under Options » Personalize, displays dates in the Message Listing dynamically rather than as static, numerical dates. For example, "Yesterday 1:27 pm" or "January 12, 1:27 pm," rather than, "01/12/2021 13:27PM."

When you tap/click a contact, task, or note, a preview pop-up windows for the item is displayed. This is controlled by the Display Previews option, located under Options » Personalize.

Added ability to access the first two attachments of a message in the Message Listing.

Moved the "Message Sent" alert to a non-intrusive notification.

Other Webmail Improvements


You can now attach an event to a new email by right-clicking the event and choosing the "Send" option in the LookOut and WorldClient themes, and from the event preview in Mobile theme.

When you publish a calender (share a Public Access link to it), new options allow you set its default calendar view (e.g. month/week/day) and publish a Free/Busy calendar link.

Added the ability to search the CC field in advanced search.

New in MDaemon Webmail 20.0

Mobile Theme Improvements

The Mobile Theme has a number of improvements, to make it more efficient and usable:

When assigning a color to a Note, there is now a radio button so that you can clearly see which color is selected.

You can now attach files to Events, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes.

The contact picture is now visible when editing a Contact.

There is an additional navigation bar for Contacts, Tasks, Notes, and Documents when viewing in desktop browser sizes.

External, pop-out view/edit windows were added for Events, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes for desktop browser sizes.

Moved the settings navigation bar view links to the left side of the view for Desktop browser sizes.

When deleting a message attachment, you will now be asked to confirm the action.

There is now a dialog for increasing or decreasing the message list density, and moved the message preview position to the same dialog.

Added an advanced search option to the message list.

You can now search all folders or subfolders in the message list advanced search.

Added auto complete support for email addresses in the compose view.

New in MDaemon Webmail 19.5

New Webmail Mobile theme

Webmail's Mobile theme has been replaced with a more modern GUI with more features. Message list features now include personalized categories, message snooze, sort by flagged/unread/snoozed, sort columns, and message recall. Calendar features now include Import/Export events as csv or ics files, add external calendars, private access links, publish calendar, and view multiple calendars at one time. Compose features now include deferred delivery, multiple signatures, text/html messages, and email templates. Other features include drag and drop email filters, multiple signatures editor, more folder management options, notifications, drag and drop column management, drag and drop categories management, and more.

System Signature

Some users will now have a "System" signature available under the Compose options. This signature is maintained on the server by your email administrator and cannot be edited by you, but you can control whether or not it is used as your default signature under the Assign Signatures compose options.

New in MDaemon Webmail 19.0

New Saved Searches Options

In the WorldClient and Lookout themes, the Folder List now contains a Saved Searches heading. Saved Searches are common email folder searches that you have created and saved so that you can use them at any time simply by clicking the name of the search. Saved Searches can be managed from the Toolbar's search feature, and there are several options associated with saving searches on the Folder Options page.

On the Folder Options page, when the Show Saved Search Folders option is enabled, the first time you sign in to Webmail a pop-up message will appear, asking you if you "Would you like to create an 'All Unread' saved search?" Then it will ask, "How about an 'All Flagged' saved search?" If you choose "Yes" to either of those questions then Webmail will automatically create the corresponding Saved Search for you. If you choose "No" to either question then a button will appear on the Folder Options page so that you can easily create the corresponding saved search yourself in the future. Once you have created one of those searches, its corresponding button will disappear from the options. "All Unread" will search all of you message folders for any unread messages and then display them in the Message Listing. "All Flagged" works the same as the "All Unread" saved search but flagged messages are displayed instead of unread messages.

Compose Improvements

When Composing a message and using the Auto-complete feature, there is now a delete icon for removing common contacts from the auto-complete list.

In the HTML editor you can now use the regular Windows right-click menu to cut/copy/paste text in messages.

Additional Changes

Several icons in the WorldClient theme have been enlarged and darkened to make them easier to see.

Added "(EXPIRED)" to the browser tab's title when the Webmail session expires due to inactivity. This is so that you can know that a session has expired when you are using another tab.

New in MDaemon Webmail 18.5

In-browser Instant Messaging

MDaemon Webmail's Lookout and WorldClient themes are now equipped with an in-browser instant messaging client that you can use to chat with other MDaemon users. This feature allows you to chat inside Webmail instead of of requiring you to install a separate instant messaging client on your computer. To activate this feature, use the Enable MDaemon's Instant Messaging feature in browser option located on the Personalize page. When enabled, an Instant Messenger icon appears in the top-right corner of the browser and a collapsible messenger pane is displayed on the right. For help with in-browser chat, click the menu button in the bottom-right corner of the messenger pane, and click Online help.

Other New Features and Changes

When you paste a URL into a message, Webmail now automatically converts it to a link.        

When viewing a message and you hover over the From: address to create a contact, you now have an option to edit that contact.

You can now customize Autoresponders to work only on certain days of the week.

Under Folder option when importing a calendar, you can now import from a Public or Private URL.

Calendar event categories can now be changed on a per occurrence basis.

A saved search can now be canceled upon selecting a different message folder.

When composing a message, Signature text now starts out as read-only, to help prevent accidentally typing message text there and having it erased when switching the From: address. A "Click here to edit your signature" option appears in the Compose view when you hover over your signature.

All options specifically related to supporting the BIS and BES services for older BlackBerry smartphones have been removed.

New in MDaemon Webmail 18.0

Name Changes

Alt-N Technologies has changed its name to MDaemon Technologies. WorldClient is now MDaemon Webmail, WorldClient Instant Messenger is now MDaemon Instant Messenger, and Outlook Connector is now MDaemon Connector.

Email Snooze

You can now snooze emails. When a message is snoozed it will be hidden from you for a designated period of time. To snooze a message, right-click on it in the Message Listing and choose the "Snooze for..." option in the context menu. Then choose how long you wish to snooze the message. The "Choose a date and time" option is only available for browsers that support the date and time inputs. Hidden messages can be viewed in the LookOut theme by clicking the "View Snoozed Messages" icon in the toolbar, and in the WorldClient theme by choosing "view snoozed" from the view drop down menu in the toolbar. This feature is on by default. To turn off the feature, go to Options » Personalize, and find the Inbox Settings. Uncheck the "Enable Message Snooze" box. There are no snooze controls in Lite and Mobile themes, but snoozed messages are still hidden.

Remember Me

In some versions of MDaemon Webmail there is now a "Remember Me" checkbox on the Sign-in page when you are signing in to a secure (i.e. https://) page. When you check this box Webmail will remember your sign-in credentials on the device you are using for 30 days by default. Then if you have a bookmark with any of three View URL variables set: View=Main, View=Logon, or View=List (or no View URL variable set), you will be automatically signed in when you open the bookmark.

Public Calendars

You can now publish a calendar to a publicly accessible link, and in most cases you have the option to password protect the calendar. To publish a calendar, in LookOut or WorldClient theme, go to Options » Folders and click the "Share Folder" button next to the calendar you wish to publish. In the dialog, open the Public Access tab and, if desired, fill in the display name or require a password, then click the "Publish Calendar" button. A dialog will then open to confirm that you wish to create a public URL to the calendar. After clicking OK, an alert will display the new URL where the calendar is available. There will also be a link displayed on the page once the calendar has been published. To unpublish the calendar, click the "Unpublish Calendar" button. To change the password or the display name, click the "Update" button.

Speech Synthesis

In the WorldClient, LookOut, and Mobile themes there is now a speech synthesis feature in the Message View to read a message aloud. Click the Read Message icon or button to start it. This is only supported in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox browsers.

New Replying and Forwarding Options

Under the Compose options you can now control what to do with the original message's content when replying to or forwarding messages (e.g. do not include the original message's text in replies, include text but indent it, include it as an attachment, and the like). There are also options for controlling the content of the attribution of the original message.

Other New Features and Changes

PIM Attachments - Attachments can now be added to Contacts, Tasks, and Notes.

Line Height in HTML Editor - you can now increase/decrease the spacing between lines when Composing a message, using the new Line Height option on the HTML editor.

Phone Number Links - Phone numbers in the Contacts list now have links so that you can make a call by clicking the number.

New MDaemon PGP Encryption Options - In LookOut and WorldClient there are new MDaemon PGP Encryption options on the Compose page (under "Advanced" in LookOut and under "More" in WorldClient).

New in WorldClient 17.5

Import/Export Groups/Distributions Lists

In the LookOut and WorldClient themes, an option was added to export and import Groups/Distribution Lists from and to a contact folder in WorldClient. The format is WorldClient specific, since Outlook does not support exporting and importing Groups. The format is as follows:

Columns: Group GUID, Group Name, GUID, Full Name, Email

Each line that contains either a Group Name or a Group GUID is considered the beginning of a new group. Any GUID, Full Name or Email on that line is considered the first member of the group/list.

Example from Excel:

Group GUID

Group Name


Full Name


The Jedis

Anakin Skywalker


Leia Organa


Luke Skywalker




The Siths

Darth Maul


Darth Vader


Emperor Palpatine


When importing, the Group GUID is replaced with a freshly generated GUID. If no Group Name is included, the name will be displayed without translation as "ImportedFromCSV_%GUID%", where %GUID% is replaced with the first five characters of the GUID. Leaving the cells to the right of a group name empty will result in the next line being the first member of the group/list. The Email field is required for a member to be added.

Voice Recorder

Available in the Lookout and WorldClient themes, you can use this new feature to make a short voice recording and then send it to someone in an email, save it to your documents folder, or download it to your computer. Voice Recorder requires a microphone, is only available in certain browsers, and it may not be available for some users or compatible with some hardware. After recording is stopped (either automatically or by you), the track is converted to an mp3 and uploaded to the server. Youe have four options regarding each track:

Save to the desktop

Save to default WorldClient documents folder

Send in an email using a quick dialog that only includes To, CC, BCC, Subject, and a plain/text Message Body Only the To is required. There are generic Subject and Message Body phrases used when no Subject or Message Body is input by the user.

Open a new Compose view with the track attached

New Folder Management Features

The LookOut and WorldClient themes have new folder management features in the Options » Folders view and in the main folder list view.

In the folder list view (left pane):

Users can drag and drop to move folders from one parent folder to another.

Users can rename folders and give favorites nicknames by clicking on them a second time (shortly after folder selection)

Show Folders by Type is now available in the LookOut theme

If there is already at least one favorite folder (because favorites are hidden until one is added), users can drag and drop a folder to favorites in order to add it (dragging a folder out of the favorites does nothing).

The new folder and rename folder dialogs were added to the LookOut theme

In the Options » Folders view, the folder tree is now collapsible, and the New Folder dialog has been moved to an external window like in the WorldClient theme.

More Signature Options

In the Compose options you can now choose separate signatures for replying to and forwarding messages.

Additional Changes

The Notes pop-up window was updated.

You can now search attachment names in the Advanced Search option.

Reorganized and simplified the Compose page in the WorldClient theme.

The Security page now contains a record of the last ten times someone successfully signed in to your WorldClient account. Each entry lists the OS and browser used, the IP address, and time you signed in.

New in WorldClient 17.0

Dropbox Integration

WorldClient servers can now provide direct support for Dropbox, which allows you to save file attachments to your Dropbox account and insert direct links to Dropbox files in outgoing messages. If your WorldClient allows this, you can setup Dropbox from the new Cloud Apps page under Options.


There is a new Notifications page under Options. New Desktop Notifications settings and several Reminders options are located on this page.

Custom Signatures

You can now create up to 30 custom signatures and associate them with account aliases, so that a specific signature can be displayed based on which From: address you select when composing a message. There is also a Signatures option on the Compose page (Advanced Compose in Lookout) that allows you to switch between your signatures at will, regardless of the selected From: address.

Deferred Delivery

Some WorldClient servers are now configured to allow users to schedule messages to be delivered at a later date or time. If you have a Send Later option on the Compose page (Advanced Compose in Lookout), you can now set a specific date and time to deliver your message.

New in WorldClient 16.5


WorldClient now supports categories for Email in the LookOut and WorldClient themes. You can add the Categories column to the message list by going to Options » Columns and clicking the "Categories" checkbox in the Message List section.

To assign one or more categories to messages in the Message List:

1.Click the desired message, or Ctrl+Click to select multiple messages.

2.Right-click one of the selected messages.

3.Click Categories on the context menu, and check the boxes next to any desired categories.

4.Move the cursor away from the context menu to close it.

To assign categories to a message when viewing it:

1.In the WorldClient theme, click More on the toolbar (if using LookOut, click the New Item Menu icon).

2.Click Set Categories, and select the desired categories.

3.Click Save (or Save and Close in LookOut).

Warn on Missing Attachments

On the Options » Compose screen, there is a new "Warn on Missing Attachments" option, which is on by default. Before sending a message, WorldClient will check for any mention of attachments in the subject or body of the message and warn you if there are no files attached.

New in WorldClient 16.0

Two Factor Authentication for WorldClient and Remote Administration

Two Factor Authentication (i.e. 2-Step Verification) can make your WorldClient account more secure by requiring you to enter a verification code whenever you sign-in to WorldClient, in addition to entering your normal email address and password. The verification code constantly changes and is obtained at the time of sign-in from the Google Authenticator app installed on your phone or device. This means that even if someone manages to obtain your WorldClient password they will still not be able to sign-in to your WorldClient account, because they will be unable to get the verificaiton code. You can setup Two Factor Authentication for your account on the Options » Security page. When Two Factor Authentication is on in WorldClient, you will also be required to use it when signing in to MDaemon Remote Administration.

Other WorldClient Improvements

You can now import ics files to the default calendar in the WorldClient and LookOut themes.

For Desktop Notifications, you can now choose which folders to receive new email notifications about, as well as an option to disable the sound, and the ability to choose a sound from a list of options.

In the WorldClient theme you can now download an attachment that has been attached to a message in the Compose or Compose Attach view. To do so, simply click the file name.

In the WorldClient theme, you can now search additional fields in Contacts: Business Phone, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Department, and Title.

The Send Later button on WorldClient's Compose page, that saves a message to the Drafts folder, is now called "Save".

In the Lite, LookOut, and WorldClient themes, you can now cancel an attachment upload in the Compose and Compose-Attach views.

ActiveSync clients can now send mail to WorldClient-based Personal Distribution Lists. The list must be maintained in WorldClient and cannot be edited on the client. Upon sending mail to the list, the ActiveSync server will automatically re-address the mail to the list members prior to queue submission.

The HTML editor used by WorldClient was updated.

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