Message View

To view a message, double-click its row in the Message Listing, or click the message's Subject if you are using the Lite theme. The Message View displays the From (Sender), To, CC (if any), and Subject headers, as well as the body of the message and any file attachments. Image and text file attachments will be opened and displayed below the message body.

Viewing Attachments

File attachments included with messages will be listed on the Message View page below the message body. Supported file types can be opened in the browser by clicking the attachment's name. Click the download icon next to the attachment's name to download and save it to your computer.

Saving Attachments to Dropbox

If your MDaemon Webmail account is linked to Dropbox you can save file attachments directly to your Dropbox account. To do so, click the Dropbox icon next to the file attachment, and click Yes to confirm your decision to save the file to Dropbox. The file will be saved to the MDaemon_Attachments folder in your Dropbox account.

Viewing Images in Messages

As a security precaution, images in a message will not be displayed automatically when you open the message. A bar will appear at the top of the message view telling you that, "Remote images were blocked. Click here to view them." Click the bar if you wish to view the images.

Message View Toolbar

At the top of the message view is the Message View Toolbar. The table below outlines the various functions accessible from the toolbar and the icons associated with each one. Icons are listed for the WorldClient and LookOut themes, in that order. The Lite theme uses text links instead of icons.



Reply - Click the Reply button to reply to the currently displayed message. You will be moved to the Compose Page, which will have the To, From, and Subject headers automatically filled in for you. The Subject header will be the same as the current message's Subject, but preceded by "Re:". In addition, the body of the current message will be displayed in the Compose page's text box under the text: "--Original Message--".



Reply to All - If the currently displayed message was addressed to multiple To and CC recipients, you can use the Reply All control to send a reply to the sender and all of the original recipients. In every other way, this feature is identical to the Reply option explained above.



Forward - Forward is identical to Reply except that the To header will not be automatically filled in, and the Subject will be preceded by "Fwd:" instead of "Re:".



Forward as Attachment - Use this feature if you wish to forward an email message as an attachment. You will compose a new email normally and the original message you are forwarding will be included with it as a separate file attachment.



Print - Click the Print button to display the message in a separate browser window from which you can use the browser's print controls (usually located on the browser's File menu or Toolbar).



Add to Contacts - When a message is displayed in the Message View, you can add the sender to your Contacts by clicking contacts_single on the toolbar in LookOut.



Add Filter - Use this option to jump to the Filters page if you wish to create a filter that will match similar incoming messages. You could create a filter to search for messages that are from the same sender, that match the subject, or that match some other criteria.



Save Source - Click this option if you wish to save the message to your computer or device as a .eml file. It will contain the message's contents and all of its headers; even those headers that are ordinarily hidden.



View Source - The View Source button will cause the message to be opened in a separate browser window which will display the message's contents and all of its headers; even those headers that are ordinarily hidden when viewed in an email client.



Delete - Click the Delete button to move the currently displayed message to the Trash folder or flag it for deletion (depending on your settings under Personalize). After removing this message, the Message View will display the next entry in the Message Listing.



This is Spam - Click the Thumb Down icon if you wish to flag the message as spam, or junk email. Regularly using this feature can help the server identify these messages for you in the future and filter them automatically.



This is Not Spam - Use the Thumb Up icon to identify messages as legitimate, or non-spam. Regularly using this feature can help prevent legitimate messages from being flagged as spam by mistake, and it can help prevent junk email from slipping through to you undetected.



Previous - Click the Previous icon to display the message that is listed above the current message in the Message Listing.



Next - Click the Next icon to display the message that is listed below the current message in the Message Listing.



Read Message - Click this icon to have speech synthesis read the message aloud. Note: This is only supported in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.



Next Unread - Click this icon to display the next unread message.



Recall - This icon only appears when viewing a very recently sent message in the Sent Items folder. Click the icon to attempt to Recall the message (i.e. stop it from being sent). See: Recalling a Message below for more information.

Recalling a Message

The Message Recall feature makes it possible for you to attempt to stop a message from being delivered that you have already sent. When viewing a message in the Sent Items folder, that was sent very recently, a special icon will appear on the toolbar. Click the icon to attempt to Recall the message. You will then receive an email informing you whether or not your email server was able to stop the message from being delivered. Note: This feature may not be available for everyone.

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