Compose Fax

This optional feature may not be available to all users. The Compose Fax page is used the same as the Compose and Advanced Compose pages. However, Compose Fax contains a Fax Number: field used for specifying the recipient's fax number instead of a To: field for their email address. It also contains spaces for Attn., Company, and Subject, and a drop-down list box for choosing the cover page that you want the fax to use. When viewing this page in the Advanced mode there is also a Delivery Confirmation checkbox that you may enable if you want RelayFax to send you a confirmation message when the fax has been delivered.

When composing a fax from this page, all of the text that you provide in the main text body will appear on the cover page. In addition, if you attach a file to the message then RelayFax will attempt to convert it to a document and fax it as well.


Automatic faxing of attachments may not be available on your system, and it may be limited to only certain file formats. If this option is available to you, check with your Email administrator for more information on what file formats are supported.

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