Use the Compose page to compose new email messages. To reach this page in the WorldClient theme, click New Email above the Folder List. In the LookOut and Lite themes click Compose. The Compose page will be opened automatically when replying to or forwarding messages.

Composing an Email Message

To compose an email message from Webmail's Compose page:

1.Use the "From:" header's drop-down list box to choose the address of the mailbox from which you wish to send the message. This list will contain an entry for each mailbox or alias that you have permission to send from.

2.Type the recipients' email addresses into the "To:" field, separated by commas or semicolons. Alternatively, click the Address Lookup icon (in the WorldClient theme, click "TO") and then click To, CC, BCC, or the plus sign corresponding to the contacts that you wish to include. When you are finished adding addresses, click the Close or Finished. The "To:" field has Auto Complete functionality built into it to help you insert addresses as you type. Use the Enter key or mouse to select a contact from the Auto Complete list. For instructions on how to use the Address Lookup feature, see: Address Lookup.

3.Type the subject of the message into the "Subject:" field. Filling in the Subject isn't required but is customary and may help the recipients identify and reference your message.

4.Type the body of your message into the text box provided beneath the message headers. If the text of your message is too long for the text box, you can scroll through it by using the scroll bar on its right. Some browsers support rich text editing which can be enabled or disabled in Compose Options.

5.When you finish composing your message, click Send on the Compose toolbar. If you haven't finished composing your message, click Save if you wish to save the message to your drafts folder and continue working on it, or click Save and Close if you wish to save it to drafts and then close it.

6.If you click Send after your session has timed out, the text will be saved as a Draft message that can be resumed after logging back in to Webmail.

Scheduling Your Message to be Delivered Later

Some MDaemon Webmail servers are configured to allow users to schedule messages to be delivered at a later date or time. If you have a Send Later option on the Compose page (Advanced Compose in Lookout) and would like to schedule your message to be delivered later:

1.After composing and spell checking your message, click Send Later.

2.Use the date/time options to choose the date and time that you want your message to be delivered.

3.Click Send. Your message will then be sent to the server, which will hold it until the scheduled time. Then it will attempt to deliver the message normally.

Using an Email Template

To use an Email Template:

1.In the text area of the compose window, place the curser where you wish to insert the Email Template's text.

2.Click the Templates button on the toolbar above the text area. If you do not see the Templates button then you may need to click the down arrow on the right side of the toolbar in order to see more tools.

3.If you wish to replace all the text in your message with the contents of the Email Template, click the box labeled "Replace actual contents."

4.Click the desired Email Template.

Spell Checking Email Messages

You can spell check the body of your outgoing messages before you send them by clicking Spell Check or the spell check icon on the Compose toolbar. This will take you to the Spell Check page, which will display the text of your message with spelling errors noted.

To Spell Check your messages:

1.Select the language that you want Spell Check to use from the Spell Check Language drop-down list box. When using the WorldClient theme, you will do this after Step 2 below.

2.Click Spell Check or the spell check icon on the toolbar.

3.Each word that is in question will be displayed in a drop-down list box containing alternate spelling choices. To make a spelling correction, click the arrow on the side of the list box and then choose the correct word from the list.

4.If a word's drop-down list doesn't contain a selection that you desire, click Edit to return to the Compose page where you can manually retype the word in question.

5.If you want to add a word to your dictionary then click the icon beside the list box displaying the word that you want to add.

6.When you have finished making your corrections, click Edit to return to the Compose page with your corrected message.


Click Send to send your corrected message immediately or Save to save it to the Drafts folder.

7.If you click Send or Edit after your session has timed out then the text will be saved as a Draft message that can be resumed after logging back in to Webmail.

You can have Spell Check skip over certain words by adding them to your Dictionary. The Dictionary is located on the Compose Options page.

Attaching Files to Email Messages

To include one or more file attachments with your message, click Attachments on the Compose page and then follow the directions on the Attachments page. In all themes you can attach files stored on your local computer or device. In the LookOut and WorldClient themes you can also attach files that are stored online in your Documents folder.

Inserting a Link to a Dropbox File

On the left side of the text area toolbar there is a Choose from Dropbox icon. If you wish to insert a link to a file in your Dropbox account:

1.Click the Dropbox icon.

2.Sign-in to Dropbox if you aren't signed in already.

3.Click the desired file in Dropbox, and click Choose.

Rather than attaching the file to your message, this inserts a Dropbox link into your message. The message recipient can click the link to download the file directly from Dropbox.

Advanced Compose

Click Advanced on the toolbar (More in the WorldClient theme) if you wish to switch to the Advanced Compose view. Using Advanced Compose you can designate the message as High priority and request Delivery Confirmation and Read confirmation. You can also designate a Reply-To address if you want replies to your message to come to an address other than what you used in the From: header. Additionally, you can specify one or more Bcc: (Blind Carbon Copy) recipients if you wish to send the message to multiple recipients but do not want those addresses to be visible to the To: and Cc: recipients. In the WorldClient theme, there is no Advanced toolbar option. If you wish to access any of the advanced features mentioned above, click Options, CC, BCC, or Reply-To on the toolbar to access the specific feature. If you would like all of the Advanced Compose options to be displayed by default whenever you open the Compose page, tick the Advanced Compose option located on the Compose Options page.

Recalling a Message

The Message Recall feature makes it possible for you to attempt to stop a message from being delivered that you have already sent. When viewing a message in the Sent Items folder, that was sent very recently, a special icon will appear on the toolbar. Click the icon to attempt to Recall the message. You will then receive an email informing you whether or not your email server was able to stop the message from being delivered. Note: This feature may not be available for everyone.

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