Advanced Compose

Click Advanced on the Compose page (More in the WorldClient theme) to switch to the Advanced Compose view. Using Advanced Compose you can designate the message as High priority and request Delivery Confirmation and Read confirmation. You can also designate a Reply-To address if you want replies to your message to come to an address other than what you used in the From: header. Additionally, you can specify one or more Bcc: (Blind Carbon Copy) recipients if you wish to send the message to multiple recipients but do not want those addresses to be visible to the To: and Cc: recipients. Note: in the WorldClient theme there is no Advanced button. The various advanced features are accessed from the CC, BCC, or More links on the page. If you would like all of the Advanced Compose options to be displayed by default whenever you open the Compose page, tick the Advanced Compose option located on the Compose Options page.

High Priority

Check this box to designate a message as High Priority. Messages flagged as High Priority will be marked in some way by most mail clients to let the recipient know that the message is important. In the WorldClient theme, click Options in the top right corner to access this feature.

Delivery Confirmation

Delivery Confirmation allows the email server at the recipient's end to notify you with a brief message letting you know that the recipient's server has received the message. In the WorldClient theme, click Options in the top right corner to access this feature.


Some mail servers do not support or honor Delivery Confirmation requests. In those cases the delivery confirmation request will simply be ignored.

Read Confirmation

Some recipients may have email clients with the ability to send you a short message letting you know when a message from you has been read. Click this option if you would like a Read Confirmation message to be sent to you when possible. This option can be turned off in most email clients, therefore even if the recipient's client supports Read Confirmation requests, that does not mean that the request will be honored. In the WorldClient theme, click Options in the top right corner to access this feature.

Using an Alternate "Reply To:" Address

By default, when recipients reply to your email message, the reply will be sent to the address that is contained in the From: header of your message. If you want the reply to be sent to an address other than your From: address, type the alternate address into the Reply-To: field.

Sending a Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc:)

This option is used like Cc: (Carbon Copy). Use the Address Lookup feature to insert recipient email addresses into the Bcc: field, or manually type them into the field, separated by a comma or semicolon. The difference between Cc: and Bcc: is that a Bcc: recipient's email address will not appear anywhere on the message itself. To:, Cc:, and Bcc: recipients will not be able to see that the message was sent to any Bcc: recipients.


Some recipient email systems may not support the Bcc: option.

Send Later (Deferred Delivery)

Some MDaemon Webmail servers are configured to allow users to schedule messages to be delivered at a later date or time. In the WorldClient or Lookout theme, if you have a Send Later option included in the Advanced Compose feature and would like to schedule your message to be delivered later:

1.Use the date/time options to choose the date and time that you want your message to be delivered.

2.Click Send. Your message will then be sent to the server, which will hold it until the scheduled time. Then it will attempt to deliver the message normally.

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