Address Lookup

Inserting Addresses with Address Lookup

Address Lookup is used to insert addresses into the To:, Cc:, and Bcc: headers of your email messages. You can lookup addresses contained in your personal contacts, global contacts, fax contacts (if you have access to faxing options), or any other contact lists that have been included in the Address Lookup list by your email administrator.

To use the Address Lookup utility:

1.Click the address book icon on the Compose page's toolbar (or click TO in the WorldClient theme) to open Address Lookup.

2.If you wish to search for a specific contact, type the name or email address in the space provided.

3.From the Contacts drop-down list, select the group of contacts that you wish to search or display. If you leave the search field blank in step 2, then all contacts in the selected group will be displayed.

4.Click Search.

5.Click To, CC, or BCC beside each address that you wish to insert into the message's corresponding header.

6.Click Finished.

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